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Welcome to our website. We hope that you find this to be a useful resource for the Scouts, Parents and Leaders of the troop.

You'll find all sorts of information on the site including details of who we are and what we do, profiles of all the leaders, various forms and links to the national Scout web sites.

Keep an eye on the latest news (to the right) for all the latest on what's going on, while further to the right you'll see a quick overview of the next meeting, telling you when, where, wear and what we'll be doing!

There is a Parents' area that contains all sorts of useful information including badge locations and lost property. Our programme is available to download from "Programmes" and there's also a list of future events to pencil into diaries.

You'll need to be registered with the site to see some of the content - just click the register link on the right, under the log in form. All requests to register have to be approved by the site administrator so please be patient!

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this site, please let us know.

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